iPopulate is a founder-led talent business established in 2009 by Belinda Lodge. iPopulate offers bespoke talent consultancy solutions, and has been behind some of the market’s biggest talent moves across the last decade.

Connected, Considered, Credible. These are the three words that drive everything we do.


With over 15 years of experience, Belinda has the ear of the market and is a visible and vocal presence in our industry. Belinda has a demonstrated history of building meaningful strategic relationships across a range of agencies and is a passionate leader of people, ideas and commercial imperatives. Always going beyond the brief, she is a trusted partner to agency leaders, who value her expertise, industry advice and insight. It's said that often Belinda identifies what a business needs before they even know what they need – this proactive approach comes from many years of immersion in the industry, a tacit understanding of the issues that leaders face, and building trusted, honest relationships with every client.


iPopulate are extremely discerning about the agencies we represent. We move through market with credibility and care, forming deep partnerships with our agencies. With an informed, straight-talking and honest approach, iPopulate uses deep market knowledge to identify a true cultural fit between talent and agency. We understand that every role is essential to the success of your agency, and we create connections with that always in mind. In the always dynamic world of advertising, agencies need innovative ways to connect with the best of the talent pool. Creativity no longer lives just within the four walls of an agency; if the last few years have taught us anything, it is that creativity will continue to be called upon to address some of the big issues facing our modern world. So we look beyond ‘the usual suspects’ for the right solution.

iPopulate believe that every agency role, regardless of seniority, makes a significant contribution to the success of an agency. These contributions often extend beyond the parameters of a job description. That’s why we are committed to enthusiastically supporting the talent that drive our industry forward. We represent a diverse range of modern advertising talent who live within Advertising, Entertainment and Marketing agencies. Our talent, like our agencies trust our credibility and our connected, considered approach. We guide and mentor professionals to find their perfect home, with a candidness and honesty that shows we value the person, not just the role.

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Belinda is extremely passionate about supporting junior talent entering our industry. This is evidenced by her commitment to RMIT where she is Deputy Chair of the Industry Advisory Board.


iPopulate is a proud sponsor of the Speed Dating Mentorship Program that has been running for the last three years in conjunction with The Advertising Council of Australia.

iPopulate do not charge their agencies for entry level talent. This allows us to stay connected to the emerging talent pool while supporting our agencies with access to the new generation of talent entering our industry. Please call Belinda to discuss this initiative in more detail.


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